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Throughout many aspects of everyday life, our ability to live sustainably is largely dependent in our ability to harness key information from geological structures. At GMEK we are committed to the science of structural geology, striving for the best possible insights to assist engineering projects in the sustainable delivery of vital resources and infrastructure.

GMEK combines proven technologies with state-of-the-art workflows in remote sensing, data processing and 3D modelling to create geologically realistic models of faults, fractures, and rock mass properties for direct use in key industry applications:
Structural Engineering GMEK

Next generation solutions

Our team of professionals have developed a range of specialist solutions for structural assessment, representing a new era in data integration, model visibility, and reliability compared with conventional approaches.


We aim to save you time and optimise your projects with the help of streamlined workflows which offer highly visible outputs,
and advanced integration with existing industry platforms.

GMEK Structural Specialists

Specialist solutions

Take control of your data by leveraging multi-scale geophysical datasets and borehole information to highlight key risks and opportunities with the help of industry leading solutions. Explore the main features and benefits available to you here.