Welcome to our mining engineering sector, where we provide skilled and experienced professionals, well positioned to deliver mining engineering support for project evaluation, optimizing studies, and operational roles within Australia and internationally.

Our team combine broad-ranging experience with industry leading solutions, offering high visibility, advanced integration, flexible and practical workflows to drive projects forward with confidence.

GMEK’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction makes us the ideal partner for all your mining engineering needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you optimize your mining operations and achieve your goals.

Mining Engineering Quotation

We understand that the success of any project depends on the quality of the people involved.

Trusted Experience

Install confidence in planning with the help of experienced staff offering a broad range and depth of frontline experience, providing the foresight to develop robust assumptions, assess downstream impacts, and provide key interventions to align plans.
We foster confident and tactful communication with a commitment to follow through, making sure the right information is delivered to where it is needed most.

Complimentary support​

Our experienced team brings a level of awareness and respect for the wide-ranging cultures and processes in the places where we work.
Approachable, respectful, and a willingness to adapt are key qualities we seek out in our staff where we understand that each project brings about unique challenges.

Simplicity doesn’t just happen​

We place high value in simplicity for mine planning, prioritizing clear and concise delivery to help stay on path, and to not lose sight of key objectives.
Understanding the pursuit for clarity requires a disciplined approach, our staff provide the required depth of knowledge to identify and strip away complexities, giving plans the best chance of success.

Mining Engineering Structural Assessment
Mining Engineering Assessment

Integrated approach​

Our outgoing staff love to get out amongst operations, getting to know the teams, and valuing input from others for shared ownership in mine planning.
Developing these relationships is our philosophy which continues to bring success where the reliability of our plans is so dependent on the wide range of stakeholders we interact with day-to-day.