Getting the most out of scan data


Amplify the use of this highly valuable data source, using straightforward solutions to provide significant gains in reliability and confidence for planning and assessment.


Right team for the job

  • Our greatest asset: Our team of experienced geoscientists, and engineers.
  • Bringing together a key understanding of geological processes and engineering parameters, along with
    experience in logging, calibrating, and maintaining a range of slimline technologies. We work together to provide you with the best insights from ATV, OTV and Dipmeter data.

Next generation processing

  • Utilise proprietary solutions to capture the essential parameters required for reliable spatial assessments not covered by existing industry standards and suggested methods.
  • Developed from the ground up, our engineering classifications are also directly relatable to the most common industry assessment methods, without requiring subjective reinterpretation or costly re-processing.

No nonsense approach

  • Remove ambiguity by providing representative characterizations for structures which, above all, make geological sense.
  • With an intrinsic appreciation of the capabilities and limitations of borehole scanner technology in practice, we have developed a streamlined and objective based approach, saving you time and increasing reliability.

Break down silos

  • Unlock the true value borehole
    televiewer data has to offer, placing the information where it needs to be, in context with your planning information, and in the platforms you use.
  • This means no more siloed datasets, lengthy reports, and less reliance on assessments lacking in spatial context.

Borehole Imagery Analysis