28 Jan, 24

Breakthrough in multi-scale mapping

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Time for some positive change

Back in 2020, John Simmons shed light on a crucial issue in mapping, and he was spot on!

‘There has been remarkably little advancement in mapping the different forms of intersection of defects, despite this being the key to the development of structurally controlled or composite instability mechanisms. This begs the question of whether many geotechnical practitioners give sufficient thought to mapping.’

Full article from the ACG Australian Centre for Geomechanics available here: https://lnkd.in/gB5PjVmQ
This is just one example among numerous similar statements that have been made by others over the years.

Well folks, we are pleased to tell you that we’ve already entered a new dawn with the 3D fracture analysis we are providing for clients who value quality mapping as an integral part of their engineering design and risk management strategies.

The ability to capture and represent the complex interrelationships of fractures in 3D is also one of several key advantages our DMX fracture modelling service provides for enhanced representation of real-world conditions.  See here: https://lnkd.in/grVyUQaR